Pegasus Frequently asked questions

What is the baggage allowance?
The allowance is 20 kilos. This is to be taken in piece of luggage.  Additional pieces of luggage will cost 8 extra but the weight allowance is not increased.

What is the excess baggage rate?
8 per kilo but it is possible to have up to 5 extra kilos at 6 per kilo, but this needs to be requested at time of reservation

What is the allowance for carry-on luggage?
8 kilos

I am taking sports equipment, is there an extra allowance?
Pegasus have special excess baggage rates for sports equipment which is 40 each way irrespective of weight. This includes such items as bicycle, ski equipment, surf equipment, diving equipment, fishing equipment, canoe, delta wing, paragliding and golf equipment.  Prior arrangement may need to be made.

What is the check-in time?
The check-in desk opens three hours before departure, but we recommend two hours before departure.  Check-in closes 45 minutes before departure.

Which terminal do flights depart?
From Gatwick flights depart South Terminal and from Manchester they depart from Terminal 1. There is only one terminal at Stansted.

How can I check if my flight is cancelled?
You can  either call the Pegasus call centre in Turkey  0845 0848 980 or + 90 212 444 0 737 or check the Pegasus Departures and Arrival information

Can pregnant mothers travel?
No problem for uncomplicated pregnancies until 36 weeks.  A medical certificate is required for all 29 - 36 weeks.

Can my child, who is under 13, travel alone?
Yes, but advance arrangements need to be made and the fee for this service is 20 Forms will need to be completed and the person taking the child to the airport is required to remain at the airport until the aircraft has departed.

Are meals and drinks included in the fare.?
No but they can be purchased at the airport or on-board the aircraft.  Alternatively you can purchase in the airport departure lounge or  take home made sandwiches etc, but drink will not be allowed through security

Are credit card fees included in the price?

Is my money protected?
Payments are made direct to Pegasus airlines.  In the unlikely event that Pegasus airlines should cease trading, under the terms of the consumer credit act, your credit card company is obliged to refund any money paid.  Payments made by debit card may not be protected.

Where can I find full terms and conditions?
Pegasus terms & conditions


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